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Tails is a Linux distribution with the GNOME desktop that is geared towards maintaining your privacy while surfing the internet. In order to do so, it includes a toolkit that is solely focused on ensuring your anonymity, including a special version of Firefox that is configured to use the TOR anonymity network, with which you won't leave any trace of the places you visit online.

Tails graphical interface is called GNOME, and it comes with a top panel divided into three options: Applications, Places and System. In the 'Applications' menu you will find direct links to the different applications you have installed and you can explore different categories such as Internet, Office, Images, and Video ... The 'Places' tab provides easy access to storage mediums such as the Desktop or hard drive and, finally, the 'System' tab lets you manage and customize your desktop, keyboard, monitor or printer.

In GNOME's bottom panel, you will find the windows that give you access to four different Workspaces from which you can access Nautilus, the GNOME file manager, and FTP and SFTP client.

The operating system in Tails can be used from a DVD or USB memory stick, operating independently from the computer's operating system so you can 'stay safe' wherever you go.

How does it do it? Tails uses the Tor anonymity network to protect your online privacy, so all applications are configured to connect by going through Tor while direct connections (not anonymous) are blocked.

Tor protects you by redirecting your communications through a distributed network of relays, which prevents anyone from observing your communications from the sites you have visited and prevents websites from discovering your physical location.
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